Technology to Share Files, Process Purchases and Send Newsletters

My Blue Brain has fallen in love with 3 new “Green Brain Techi” products/services.

1. I used ShareFile to send my 1 hour What Color Is Your Brain? DVD file to a client in Malaysia. Normally, people can click on the “Buy DVD” button on my website and Kunaki will fulfill the order immediately. However, the client discovered that Kunaki does not ship to Malaysia. We arranged for him to pay for the DVD through PayPal and I sent the DVD to him via the US Postal Service. It was ridiculous to send a $11.95 DVD by Fed Ex ($80.00) or UPS ($110.00). To our disappointment, the box never arrived in Malaysia. My client and I believe the custom agents are watching the DVD and discovering their Brain Colors when the customs office is slow. I was thrilled that I found ShareFile on the web and was able to easily download the large file and send it to my client in time for a meeting he was facilitating…Voilà!

2. I discovered Square while researching a quick and easy what to process credit cards when customers want to purchase Princess Shayna’s Invisible Visible Gift, What Color Is Your Brain? and/or the Workshop DVD with plastic instead of cash or a check. I am looking forward to receiving the little “square” that easily attaches to my iPhone..Voilà!

3. Go-Daddy Email Marketing Newsletter is my last, but not least new ‘techi” addition to my life. Go-Daddy has hosted my Blog for over three years. I am continually impressed with their extraordinary customer service! I had been using another newsletter provider who charged more money for their service and their product was becoming problematic. When I learned that Go-Daddy had perfected their newsletter product, I immediately switch my newsletter service to them knowing I would be delighted, and I am…Voilà!

It’s fun to be in love with my new technology!

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