Teachers Reengage Students In Your Classroom With New Teacher’s Activity Guide!

Classroom teacher’s and home school parents, now you can reignite your teaching and reengage your students with my newly published Teacher’s Activity Guide for Princess Shayna’s Invisible Gift.

Create more cooperation,  harmony, critical thinking, and creative problem solving  in your classroom by creating a Kingdom of Kindness! Discover a solid foundation of life-long communication skills that go beyond the classroom; like multiplication tables, your students will never forget them!

Use the messages in Princess Shayna’s Invisible Visible Gift and the Brain Color concepts to help students achieve a greater understanding of themselves and others, reduce and redirect bully behavior, accept and appreciate individual differences, and deal with life’s triumphs and tragedies.

This colorful, engaging, and extensive educational Teacher’s Activity Guide is the perfect resource for teaching Social Emotional Learning for Academic Success and meeting state Common Core Standards. This time-tested companion to Princess Shayna’s Invisible Visible Gift includes:

The Brainbow Princess Shayna Picture Book

70+ Unique Orange Brain Classroom Activities

3 Green Brain Specific Brain Color/Village Quizzes

Bonus Green Brain Gift Giver’s Guide, Vision Quest, and Villages Question

OriginalYellow Brain Worksheets and Coloring Pages

Fun Orange Brain Word Lists, Games, Mind Maps, Puzzles, Diagrams, and Recipes

Helpful Blue Brain Classroom Activity Photos

Princess Shayna’s journey will teach your students the new “3-R’s”: Relationships, Respect, and Responsibility. Those who travel with the princess and her
multicultural companions to the four different Brain Color villages in the Kingdom of Kindness will discover their own Praiseworthy Gifts and experience sharing their gifts with others.  Your students will also construct a bridge between their classroom, school, home, and community. These connections will reinforce the many thought-provoking and meaningful lessons they have learned and ensure they continue to apply those lessons throughout their lives.

The ideas in this one-of-a-kind activity guide have been implemented to create a Kingdom of Kindness in US, Canadian, and European classrooms, which:

1. Enhances students’ and teachers’ self-esteem
2. Develops “real-life” creative problem-solving and decision-making skills
3. Helps children become responsible risk takers vs. children at risk
4. Protects each child with a personal “Internal Security System”

Get ready to create a Kingdom of Kindness in Your classroom… Buy the Teacher’s Activity Guide Now!

PS & WF #2 edited book trailerPrincess Shayna says, “Boost your Brain Power with links in the right-hand side column of this page!”
Please remember that 10% of the royalties from the sale of my books is allocated to JDRF (Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation).


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