Tax Time In Illinois

My “Creative Blue Brain” is taking a break from preparing the upcoming In-Service Brain Color Workshops for the staff at Mark Twain Elementary School and the Woodridge Library.

This morning the headline in the Daily Herald newspaper read:
Tax Hike Today?
The answer:

The Illinois legislature approved a 66% income tax increase.

This bad news about the fiscal state of my state, reminded me that my Illinois State Revenue Tax bill is due on January 20th.

Now, my “Green Brain” must prepare my Illinois sales tax form and payment. Luckily, I can do it all on-line, which makes it very convenient, especially with QuickBooks

Our sales tax in Lake county is only 7%. I wondering if that is going to increase also. I hope not!

I always make sure that people know that I allocate 10% of the royalties for the sale of my books to JDRF (Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation). If an individual purchases a book for $16.95 and  give me a $20.00 bill, they will also ask me donate the extra money, after taxes, to JDRF

When I’m done paying my tax bill, I will happily send an extra check to JDRF.

I’m off to crunch the number$ and abide by the law!

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