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Fairy Tales Can Teach You How to Get Along with Other People!

For centuries, all over the world, children have grown up listening to or reading fairy tales. These magical, engaging, and imaginary tales teach children and adults meaningful, relevant, and significant life lessons, which help them develop their self-image and how relate to other people, be honest, kind, strong, smart, and understanding of individuals who are…

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Do Not Teach Tolerance!

We often read articles in newspaper and/or online or hear people say we need to teach tolerance to children and adults. In my What Color Is Your Brain?® workshops and programs I teach attendees not to be tolerance! You might be wondering why. The answer is: my What Color Is Your Brain?® approach encourages acceptance,…

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Writing thank you notes can alter your brain and heart!

Writing thank you notes is something my mother taught me to do when as young girl. Many people feel that writing thank you notes is a burden, but I find it to be a gift of gratitude and a blessing that make my Blue Brain and Heart smile. The following  article: Scientists Show How Gratitude…

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Tips for A Brain Colorful 4th of July Celebration!

Happy Birthday America! Thursday is the 4th of July, which is a federal holiday in the United States and celebrates the adoption of the Declaration of Independence on July 4, 1776. To learn more about this eagerly awaited summer celebration, you can enjoy some Fun Facts from the United States Census Bureau, which is part…

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Solve the mystery of why people find change frightening!

Did you know that some people find change frightful! My dear friend Doug Gustafson made a fascinating Brain Color comment, which is the genesis of this post. Doug said, “You are what you have to be.” This statement requires an individual to change their Brain Color personality and the situation they are experiencing. Below are…

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4 Ways to Recognize and Deal with People’s Difficult “Shadowed” Behavior and Personality.

We all have experienced difficult people professionally and personally. Recently, I experienced a difficult person who I thought of as a Meevillian. Meevillain is the  Princess of the Forest of Fear in my Princess Shayna’s Invisible Visible Gift, which is the children’s fairy tale version of What Color Is Your Brain?®. Meevillain is the “shadowed” side…

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The Mystery of An Employee’s Gratitude

Gratitude is the quality of being thankful, having the ability to show appreciation, and to return kindness. The following story is from my family business memoir, No Bunk Just BS (Business Sense) Timely and Timeless Truths Business School Cannot Teach You! in Chapter 3: No Bunk Employee & Teamwork Truths. No Bunk Back Story: Gratitude at…

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Word Wednesday – “Preantepenultimate”

“Preantepenultimate” is my word for #WordWednesday Adjective: Three before the end; fourth to last. Usage: Sylvia was disappointed being the “Preantepenultimate” person in line for the movie. Do you get upset when you are the “Preantepenultimate” person in a long line? http://tiny.cc/ebke6y  – pronunciation – prē’ăn’tĭpĭnŭlʹtĭmət  Think of different ways you can avoid being the “Preantepenultimate” person…

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Word Wednesday – “Pernoctate”

  It’s Wednesday and time for your WordWednesday post. “Pernoctate” is my word for WordWednesday. Verb: Staying overnight or action of passing through the night at a location. Usage: Where would you like to “Pernoctate” on Valentine’s Day? Pronunciation: pərˈnäkˌtāt Listen to the pronunciation Think about how you can “Pernoctate” for Valentine’s Day!     My family business memoir, No…

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Discover Positive Attraction Tips to Celebrate Your Romantic Personality on Valentine’s Day!

Do you ever feel that your “soul mate” has become a “cell mate”? Are you concerned that the spark that ignited your positive attraction might have fizzled into a negative reaction? A multitude of factors can agitate your personal security and relationships. However, understanding you Brain Color attitude and how it influences your romantic relationship…

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