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Last Friday, I enjoyed a color-filled Princess Shayna Author Visit with a group of 3rd graders, who read my Brain Color fairy tale this past semester for their enrichment program. My friend Laura Newcomer, who is an  Instructional Coach, and her colleague Kim Miller, who is the Information Literacy & Enrichment Teacher, arranged a grand visit with their students.

The class also brainstormed 23 excellent questions for me to answer. The following are a few of the questions they asked: How long did it take to write  Princess Shyana’s Invisible Visible?; How did you come up with Meevillan’s name? And the other characters?; Why did you do a princess instead of a prince?; Why did Brain Color interest you?; What is the Invisible Visible Gift? We think it is friendship.; How did having bullies in the story help teach the Invisible Visible Gift?; and Have you written a sequel? They were very excited about the sequel I have started to write.

4 color printing sample of book cover

Len Birnbaum’s Original Color Pencil Illustration

I also did a book printing “show and tell” for the students and teachers. They were fascinated to learn and see how Len Birnbaum beautifully drew the colored pencil illustrations and how the book was originally printed in a 4 color printing process, which was different than the digitally printed 2nd edition that they read.

You can see everyone’s Brain Colors in the photo above. The students, Laura, Kim, and I are holding up our paint sample charts to demonstrate our Brain Colors.

We also discussed the students’ Praiseworthy Gifts and the following Brain Color Attributes and Abilities!

My Yellow Student Brain is Responsible
My Blue Student Brain is Creative
My Green Student Brain is Curious
My Orange Student Brain is Exuberant

If you know a teacher or school that would like to plan and schedule an Author Visit, for the next school year, please send me an email at I would be delighted to created a customized visit!  


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