Students Identify Brain Color Learning Styles

In the past, I have posted about working with the elementary school students in School District 21. I shared about their Problem Solving Investigation (PSI) class assignment to examine their learning styles according to their Brain Colors, and report that information to their teachers to help them understand how the students learn best according to their Brain Color personalty type .

Yesterday, I was surprised and delighted to see a front page article in the Neighbor Section of the Daily Herald newspaper featuring the students and their research, their teachers and me.

Last November, I contacted the newspaper and asked them to cover the story because I felt the public needed to know about their research and to acknowledge the amazing students and their remarkable teachers.

Eileen O. Daday, the third person I spoke to at the Herald, wrote an accurate and informative article including pictures I had sent her! It paid off to be patient and persistent!

I was thrilled to read all the responses to the announcement I sent out to my email list. Laura Newcomer sent me a “WOW!” and couldn’t wait to share the article with the students, teachers and administrators. Laura is the the Technology Director at Longfellow School who introduced the district PSI program to What Color Is Your Brain?. Laura has successfully incorporated Princess Shayna’s Invisible Gift, which is the children’s version of What Color Is Your Brain?, into her teaching curriculum since 1997.

Laura had purchased Princess Shayna’s Invisible Visible Gift at a teacher in-service workshop where I was the keynote speaker. We reconnected on my Facebook Fan Page last September. “Wow”, was I honored, surprised and delighted to learn how Laura has been sharing my theory and books with her students and colleagues.

Click on this Daily Herald link to read the article.

I promise that you will be inspired!
The next step… Share the link and article with others! Please, help school administrators, teachers and parents understand how their students and children learn best and help our children recognize their Brain Colors and acknowledge their most “praiseworthy” attributes and abilities!

Amazing Longfellow School PSI students and their remarkable teachers!

Thank you,

Please Spread the Word


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