Do You Have A “Street Corner Perspective” When You Manage Yourself and Your Projects?

Not everyone has “street smarts.” However, everyone has a “Street Corner Perspective.”  What do I mean by this? Have you ever felt like you were standing on a different corner of an intersection and were not seeing what other people seeing? In your professional and personal life, this can be a reoccurring situation. But, the answer is simple… it is your “Brain Color Street Corner Perspective!”

During my What Color Is Your Brain? programs I show this slide to the attendees. The point I want to make is the fact that we each stand on a different corner depending on our Brain Color and the situation we are looking at from our own point of view (POV), which is our “Street Corner Perspective” that can create collaboration or conflict. 

I have presented a variety of chapter programs for the Project Management Institute. However, you do not have to be a professional project manager to handle projects in your workplace, at home, or in your community. When you are managing a project, remember you are also managing yourself from your “Street Corner Perspective.”  Below are examples of each Brain Color’s “Street Corner Perspective,” while managing their own behavior and/or a project.

Your Yellow Brain Color “Street Corner Perspective” remains focused on organizing information and formulating a practical plan.

Your Blue Brain Color “Street Corner Perspective” needs to brainstorm ideas and promote teamwork with others.

Your GreenBrain Color “Street Corner Perspective” must research solutions and scrutinize resources to identify obstacles.

Your Orange Brain Color “Street Corner Perspective” likes to supplying energy and have fun selling yourself, your products, or services.

Take a closer look at the photo and you will see that I have added a backpack to each of the Brain Color figures. On each backpack, I have included the word “story.” That is because each of us has back stories in our backpacks, which encourage collaboration or ignites conflict. Sometimes we don’t realize how much our back stories can influence our decisions.  If we are not aware of our backstories, how can we expect other people to recognized our Brain Color behavior?

It is critical to examine your back stories and create a personal awareness about your Brain Color POV and your behavior. You also might have to share your back story or stories with others to manage a situation.

It also is essential to remember that you can move to a different Brain Color corner and change your  “Street Corner Perspective” to successfully manage yourself, your projects, your relationships and your life!


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