Story Characters Make Revisions Fun

I just looked at my blog posts and realized that I have not written a post in 3 weeks.
Yes, I have been “MIW”, Missing in Writing, again.

I have been focused on “Yellow Brain Revision Deadlines” for the Dedication, Foreword, Table of Contents and the the new Introduction for the 2nd edition of Princess Shayna’s Invisible Visible Gift.

The new Introduction has taken me a long time because I have so much information in my “Green Brain Parietal Lobe“. My brain has been attempting to sort all the pertinent details that I want to share with my readers. 14 years of material is overwhelming!

I finally sorted it all out and decided it would be more fun to have the characters in the story talk about those specific sections.

I’m using Sarah Spundah the Silver Spider and Guardian of the Forest of Friendship for the “How to use this book” Introduction, Macdolodge, Princess Shayna’s Royal Tutor, for the Table of Content, Peridot, the Emisarry from the Village of the Green Healing Herbs, for the Foreword and White Falcon, Princess Shayna’s beloved and devoted companion, for the Dedication.

Now, it’s back to my writing desk to proofread!

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