Statistics for Parents, Children & their Brain Color Personalities

This afternoon, I will be facilitating a What Color Is Your Brain? “Parenting” Program at the Gertrude B. Neilson Child Care and Learning Center.

I have previously facilitated a Brain Color program for the Team Leaders and another for all the Teachers and Staff members.

Executive director, Lana Weiner told me, “Our teachers haven’t stopped talking about brain color and are using it to self-reflect, improve communication and understand and appreciate personality types.  They want all parents to have the opportunity to learn their Brain Colors.”

I am excited about  this opportunity and I am eager to show the parents how different and similar their Brain Colors are vs. their Early Learners’ personalities.

The statistics Adult Brain Colors are:

Yellow Parents: 37%-Practical

Blue Parents: 37%-Nurturing

Green Parents: 13%-Calm

Orange Parents: 13%-Dynamic

In comparison, the Brain Colors of their children at this Early Learning stage are:

Yellow Early Learners: 5%-Need detailed instruction

Blue Early Learners: 10%-Need hugs and help

Green Early Learners: 5%-Need time to think

Orange Early Learners: 80%-Need freedom

Wow! Those “Orange Brain” fun-loving Early Learners who like to learn with hands-on activities and do not like someone else’s rule are almost 3 times as many as their “Yellow Brain” parents, who like their children to follow their rules!

Do you see a conflict here??!!

You can learn more in-depth information about the adults’ and children’s Brain Colors in my What Color Is Your Brain? book, or you can have fun an taking a quick Brain Quiz on my website.


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