Square: Free, Simple and Easy Credit Card Processing

My Green Brain has been investigating a variety of sources for credit card processing. I wanted simple way for my customers to purchase my Princess Shayna’s Invisible Visible Gift book and the What Color Is Your Brain? book and DVD.

First, I called my friend Sue Briesch, a gourd artist and owner of  Wise Women Gallery and Gifts, and asked her how she handled credit purchases at art fairs. Sue referred me to artist Ronnis Oher who creates life maps. Ronnis raved about the credit card reader Square. I told my friend, Kathleen Rickert Nelson, who is a pen and ink fine artist, about my discovery and she said that Leslie Mueller, the owner of Turtle Bay Naturals, uses Square.

I called Leslie and made a plan to see Square in action a local farmer’s market. I met Leslie and  purchased a container of  her amazing hand made Shae Cocoa Joba Lavender with Avocado Oil Lotion Bar. Then Leslie swiped my credit card through the Square that she attached to her iPhone. I signed the form with my finger and added my email to facilitate a receipt being sent directly to my email.

WOW, it was like magic! I was sold. I came home and signed up on the Square Website (don’t be deterred, the site is very basic), and downloaded the app. The site is very simple with a few tutorial video.

What is more amazing is the fact that the Square is FREE! That’s right… FREE! NO processing fee or monthly fee. However, there is a 2.75% fee on each sale on each purchase.Some people think the percentage is too high, but I think the simplicity and easy is worth it!

If you think it all sounds to good to be true, I thought the same thing. However, everyone I spoke to has great reviews about this little Square!

I am speaking at the Ella Sauber Hadassah Chapter on Sunday in Green Bay
Wisconsin and I am excited about using the Square for the first time!! I’ll let you know how it works for my book and DVD sales.


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