Speak Fluent “Brain Color” as a Second Language to Communicate More Effectively in Your Professional and Personal Life

Yesterday, I presented a What Color Is Your “Professional” Brain? workshop at Clarendale of Algonquin for the local business community.

After the meeting, I received a lovely thank you email from Dennison White, who is a Financial Advisor at Edward Jones. I asked Denny if I could use his quote and he gave me his Yellow Brain Permission.

Denny wrote, “Thank you very much for your time today and teaching me all about Brain Colors. I thoroughly enjoyed it and I will look forward to using this in my daily conversations.”

When people travel to another country, they often attempt to learn the language or a few helpful phrases to use in their daily conversations. However, you do not have to leave the comforts of your home to become fluent in Brain Color. Children often become fluent in Brain Color faster than adults do. However, I am confident that you can learn to speak fluent Brain Color and make it your second language, as so thousands of adults and children have done over the past 20 years.

Pay attention to the conversations, individual will tell you their Brain ColorPay attention to the conversations, individual will tell you their Brain Color
● Yellow Brainers ask about your home or the community where you live or your career
● Blue Brainers ask about your family, friends, and pets.
● Green Brainers ask about where you went to school, what level of education you have or the books you like to read.
● Orange Brainers ask about your hobbies or favorite vacation.

You can always use these topics of conversation when you are introduced to someone you do not know and what to get to know them better. If you want to utilize and your Yellow Brain to be polite and Green Brain and do not ask personal Blue Brain questions; you can engage your Orange Brain and ask people what they like to do for fun.

How Do You Communicate? Whether people use a letter, invitation, telephone call, an email, blog post, text message, Facebook post or a tweet, each individual will communicate consciously or subconsciously from their Brain Color perspective.
● Yellow Brainers “have to” communicate and be responsible: “I will be attending the professional conference.
● Blue Brainers “love to” communicate and share with others: “We are going to be grandparents.”
● Green Brainers “need to” communicate for a purpose: “Our office requires a patient’s medical history.”
● Orange Brainers “want to” communicate something exciting: “Hurrah, I just got a promotion!”Please tell me more… and

Carl Jung, renowned for his four basic personality types said, “Colors are the mother tongue of the subconscious.”

Color is a universal language.

What Brain Color language do you speak in your daily professinal and personaly conversations?

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