Social Media Networking Behavior and Personalities

Recently, I joined another LinkedIn Group. My “Green Brain” wanted to increase my Social Media learning curve, so I spent time yesterday and today reading and participating in a group marketing discussion. As of this moment, the group discussion has 162 comments!

I was pleasantly overwhelmed by the generosity of information that was shared by many members of the group.

However, I was astonished and disappointed in some of the bully behavior between several others.

The “Brain Color” personalities were negatively and positively florescent. A perfect research project of Social Medial Networking personalities and behavior:

“Yellow Brain Behavior” – Following the rules and commenting appropriately

“Blue Brainer Behavior” – Sharing helpful comments and marketing tips

“Green Brain Behavior” –  Offering resources: websites and data

“Orange Brain Behavior” – Not playing by the rules and bullying others

What type of behavior have you observed or experienced
when participating in LinkedIn, Facebook and/or Twitter
networking and discussions?

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