Sneak A Peek Into Your Personality

If a Brain Color workshop is longer than an hour the participants are divided into their Brain Color Groups to answer specific questions that the client and I feel will be beneficial to the them. The activity is a “Sneak A Peak Into Your Personality”!

It demonstrate how the four “Brain Colors” perceive each other depending on the group questions and how their “Brain Colors” influence the different issues in their relationships and circumstances.

Below are are few examples: How do you…

1. Build rapport with others?Professional/Co-workers
2. Handle conflict and get along with the “different” people you are related to?Personal
3. Deal with a crisis? Parenting
4. Manage issues that interfere with your best teaching practices?Teaching
5. Encourage (motivate) your team members?Leadership
6. Learn and work best in a classroom?Students
7. Make time for each other in your relationship?Romantic

It is  fascinating to see how the Brain Colors demonstrate their unique behavior by the way they work together, utilize their colored markers and design their answers on the sheets of flip chart paper.

Yellow Brainers: Organize themselves and their answers quickly and within or before the time limit. Their chart has well planned with numbers or bullet points.

Blue Brainers: Begin brainstorming and have to be encourage to stop talking and get to work. Their chart is colorful, creative and artistic.

Green Brainers: Find it difficult to work together, since they like to work alone. Their chart is always written in “Green” magic marker and is alphabetized or numbered.

Orange Brainers:  forget to write down their answers or run out of paper and time because they are having so much fun. Their chart is cleverly designed and/or a mess.

Have Fun and “Sneak A Peek Into Your Personality” and Others’!

Sheila N. Glazov , Author, Personality Type Expert, Professional Speaker and Educator
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