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Yesterday, after retuning from a pre-planning conference workshop with the several members of the Illinois Risk Management Services IRMS department, which is a subsidiary of the Illinois Hospital Association, I checked my website statistics. I was astonished and excited to see 50,698 hits on the site and 1,357 visitors.

Evidently, my interview with Clarissa Passos, the Manager of the Entertainment section of, had been posted. iG is turning 10 years old this week. iG made history in the webJournalism with its news website, Último Segundo, and became the secondmost visited web portal in Brazil. Today, they are the only Internetportal with exclusive offices in Rio e Brasília.

Clarissa had learned about the book when she relieved an e-mail press release from the publisher,  Editora Novo Conceito, about the Qual a cor do seu cérebro? (What Color Is Your Brain?). Clarissa said, “I read it and found it very interesting.” I was honored  and delighted by Clarrisa’s request and appreciated the her thorough interview.

“Blue Brain Synchronicity,” again.  My site was redesigned by two young men who had worked for our son when he lived it Brazil.

I logged onto the iG site and typed my name in the “Buscar” (Search) box. I was able to translate the Portuguese interview using the SDL The extensive interview for the Brazilian audience discussed many of the topic I have already blogged about in English, so I decided not repeat them in this blog. However, I wanted to share the following question and answers that I thought would be amusing and helpful.

IG:  Let’s talk about daily situations and the brain colors… For example, can you illustrate some classical attitudes of a blue brain woman in front of a shop, when she sees that marvelous pair of shoes, but wonders if she has the necessary cash to buy it this month? What about an orange brain, what would she typically do? And the yellow? And the green?

I laughed when I read this question because it is so very Brazilian! Our Brazilian daughter-in-law and Brazilian/American granddaughter LOVE sapatos (shoes)! We joke that Brazilian women’s love affair with shoes is part of their DNA. It was amazing to watch our granddaughter, when she was only 2 1/2 years old, walking in her mother’s 4” red patent leather stiletto heels. One of her favorite activities is shopping in my closet for a pair of shoes to play in. I laugh and say that she is going to have to get a job at an early age “to pay for her passion for pumps.”

“Brain Color Shopping”
A “Blue Brain” woman likes to shop with her friends at Shopping Iguatami (one of the finest shopping mall in São Paulo). While window shopping, she falls in love with a marvelous pair of shoes and knows they would be the perfect accessory for her new dress. If she feels good about the shoes, she will buy them and hope she has enough money in her checking account. “Blue Brainers” do not concern themselves with money and don’t keep track of their account balance. They focus on feelings and intuition, not finances and not logic.

A “Yellow Brain” woman will have planned in advance to go to Shopping Iguatami and look for a marvelous pair of shoes, even before she discovers them. She knows she can check that task off her list when she sees shoes that are practical and affordable. She knows exactly how much money she has because she responsibly organizes her finances and saves her money. She will buy the shoes only if they meet here pre-planned criteria and budget.

A “Green Brain” woman prefers to shop on line and avoid the crowds at Shopping Iguatami, but will go to a store to actually see and try on the shoes before making a decision. She will have completed her research for the best online price and will have looked for sales in the newspaper advertisements. She is purposeful about her purchase and will buy the shoes, only if she truly needs them, from the source with the best price.

An “Orange Brain” woman falls in love with several “I must have those” shoes at Shopping Iguatami. She did not plan on of looking for a pair of shoes, her purpose was to have fun and enjoy the experience. She has a difficult time deciding which pair of shoes she likes best, so she purchases all the shoes that strike her fancy, regardless of cost. Her attitude about money is: “Money is meant to be spent”, which she does, even if she cannot afford or doesn’t need the shoes. 

I trust shoe shopping, no matter where you life or how you handle
your finances, will be more comfortable!

“Many Thanks to Clarissa” (“Muitos agradece a Clarissa”)
for her expert interview, generosity and the opportunity
to share my book and Brain Color Personality Profile
with people of Brazil!

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