Last night, my husband, Jordan, and I went to Costco. We felt like Old Mother Hubbard, whose cupboard was bare. With four adults and two children in our home, we are healthy consumers.

Jordan, has always had “Green Brain” system for how he packs the shopping cart. However, one of the clerks had placed some boxes in the bottom of one cart, while Jordan was packing the other cart.

We arrived at Jordan’s truck and began to  empty the cart. When we got to the bottom of the cart, a box that was filled with a large container of liquid laundry soap and fabric softener, was difficult to lift out. The clerk  awkwardly place in the basket diagonally.

Jordan and I attempted to lift the box together and then decided it was best for me to
just hold the cart. We looked as if we were playing a game of “Hot Potato“.

Jordan has been a weightlifter since he was 12 years old and is in terrific shape for a man his age. However, a young woman who must of been watching us struggle with the box, approaches us and asked, “Do you need any help.”

In unison we said, “No, we are fine. Thank you.”

As she was walking away, the follow query popped out of my mouth… 

“Do we look that old?” She smiled and laughed.

But, I was not laughing. I was taken by surprise by her kindness and “Blue Brain” offer to help us.

Yes, I know we are Senior Citizens, Jordan’s almost 67 and I am almost 65. However, people always comment about how fit and good we look for our ages.

In my Brain Color Workshops, I always tell my clients… “How you see yourself may not be how others see you.” But, I’m referring to their Brain Colors.

Now, that statement has a new and significantly personal interpretation!

I do not think of ourselves as couple who needs a “Girl Scout” to help us across the street or unload our shopping cart!

Jordan chuckled about the experience
and I had a critical moment to ponder how
we think of ourselves and appear to others.

Sheila N. Glazov, Author, Personality Type Expert, Professional Speaker and Educator
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