Secret to Xanthan Gum Reaction

If you are like I am and have a tremendous sensitivity to Corn, this is a warming…

Beware of Xanthan Gum!

I’ve done some “Green Brain” research and discovered a secret!

I was eating Gluten Free products, such as: bread, cookies, chocolate chips, crackers, etc. But, did not know that there was a “secret” ingredient that caused my reaction (stomach upset and bloating) from xanthan gum, which is “Produced primarily from cellulose from corn or cabbage, xanthan gum functions similarly to gelatin in recipes with regards to stabilizing suspensions, but it is completely vegan and great for cooking and baking for persons with food allergies and restrictions, especially for those who are omitting dairy, eggs and soy from their diet.”

I made this discovery while shopping at All Ways Healthy, which is my local health food store. Carole Childers, the store owner, is a Certified Nutritionist (C.N.) as well as a Licensed Nutritional Counselor in the state of Illinois (L.N.C.) and Gluten Free Expert!

Carole tested my reaction to Xanthan Gum in a package of gluten free Enjoy Life chocolate chips using Applied Kinesiology. I had a weak/negative response to the package with xanthan gum and a strong/positive response to Enjoy Life product without xanthan gum.

I came home and read the ingredients on all the other products in my pantry and refrigerator, which I have been eating for years, before I began to have a reaction to xanthan gum. I discovered another secret ingredient on the Food for Life Millet Bread wrapper. Next to Vegetable Gum in parentheses was (Xanthan, Cellulose)

I am relieved and happy that I am fine with Guar Gum, which can be used as a substitute for Xanthan Gum.

Several “Good Gut” lesson learned and re-learned:
1. Be aware that food sensitivities change
2. Notice different reactions to food you have been able to previously eat
3. Read and re-read labels
4. Investigate substitutes for what you can no longer eat
5. Consult with a reliable and knowledgeable nutritionist
6. A secret ingredient can cause a wicked chemistry imbalance and bloating in your belly and your brain

This morning, I called the Carole at All Ways Healthy and told her,
“I have not eaten my Millet bread for the last two days and no longer feel like…

A Wicked Witch Riding A Corn Stalk Broom!”

Sheila N. Glazov, Author, Personality Type Expert, Professional Speaker and Educator
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  1. karen hanrahan on January 6, 2010 at 5:38 am

    it would be nice if all of us didn’t need a degree or an encyclopedia to decipher things known as food. additionally why can’t xanthan gum further be described as what it’s actually derived from …this was good detective work on your part !!

  2. Sheila Glazov Author Speaker on January 22, 2010 at 8:52 pm

    I AGREE!! Thanks, I really can be an sucCessful GREEN problem solver.

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