Romantic Valentine’s Day Brain Color Video

Enjoy watching Romantic Brain Color Tips on my latest YouTube video. 

Create more Love and Harmony in your Romantic Relationship on Valentine’s Day.

It is essential to recognize and understand your personality and your partner’s traits and talents to make every day a Loving Brainday!

Please, accept my apology for the musical glitches before you watch the video.

I posted a previous YouTube video entitled “Your Romantic Brain Colors” in my February Brain Buzz Newsletter. However, I too my dismay and disappointment I discovered that when it posted it to the YouTube Channel, the music only last for half the video.

My creative “Blue Brain” wanted “Green/Yellow Brain” perfection, so created a second video entitled “Romantic Brain Color Tips“, which has more animation and new music.

But…the music did not work on the new one either.

My only explanation: The Music Monster must not be feeling romantic!

Enjoy the video(s) and have fun celebrating a “Love”ly and Romantic

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