Romance, That Lovin’ Feeling, E-books, William Shakespeare, Ovid, and Brain Color Quizzes in the February Buzz Newsletter!

Depending on where you live, February is bitterly cold month. However, all the Brain Color Articles in my February “Valentine’s Day” BrainBuzz Newsletter will keep you warm and cozy! Below is the Yellow Brain List of article titles that are filled with Blue Brain information that you will be lovin’:

  1. That Lovin’ Feeling and Touch – Read a fascinating and informative article entitled, “The Power Of Touch.”

  2. Your “AAAA” Romantic Relationship Road Map – Discover your romantic relationship and variety of personal characteristics and talents attract you to your romantic partner.

  3. E-books Are Now Available! – Learn when you can purchase the E-books version for: What Color Is Your Brain?, What Color Is Your Brain? When Caring for Patients, and Princess Shayna’s Invisible Visible Gift

  4. Celebrating William Shakespeare – Did you know that his year will mark the 400th Anniversary of William Shakespeare’s death, on April 23, 2016? You will be fascinated by Shakespeare’s  First Folio National Tour and The Millionaire and The Bard.

5. Don’t forget the Quote of the Month – Ovid, the Roman poet, offer sage “Love” advice.

6. And next month’s Green Brain Information More Brain Color Quizzes if you want to have more Orange Fun on my SheilaGlazov website?

I hope that you enjoy reading all the lov’n information to help you have a more lov’n Valentines day on Sunday and Every Day!

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