Researching and Revising A New Book Is More Fun On A Summer Porch!

My Brain Loves being Green! For the past two days, I have sitting on our porch enjoying the beautiful summer days in Chicago being Green: Writing, Revising, and Researching!

In my last blog post on July 9th, I explained about my Green Brain writing process for my new What Color Is Your Brain? When Caring for Patients book and that I would be focusing on my deadline of July 31st.

In May, the publisher sent my manuscript to “peer reviewers” for their professional comments. Yesterday, I responded to one of the peer reviewer’s suggestions in the document of comments my publisher had sent to me. “Peer reviewer E” wrote  “I really liked the examples of people from history and their brain colors. It would be interesting if those examples could be expanded to include famous people in health care to make it more relevant to the book.”

I thought “Peer reviewer E’s” idea was brilliant! Yesterday, my Green Brain spent the entire day researching famous nurse, physicians, and researchers. I documented  information about all the famous health care personalities according to their Yellow, Blue, Green, and Orange Brain biographical information. My colorful document was filled with dates and fascinating historic facts about determined civilians and courageous military veterans, who made remarkable contributions to health care!

The hardest task was editing out many of the riveting details. I wanted to include each amazing detail about the lives of the copious men and women. I divided the 4 Brain Color Famous Personalities section into two groups: Nurses and Physicians and Researchers. Their are examples of 4 Nurses and  3 Physicians and Researchers in each Brain Color section. However, my Yellow Brain knows my editor will require me to edit them when she receives the manuscript. Better to do it now than later. Now Chapter 19 is entitled CLUES, QUOTES, AND FAMOUS PERSONALITIES.

Today, I completed the first round of edits for all 20 chapters. Tomorrow, I will begin the Front Material, which includes the Dedication, Acknowledgements and Author Introduction.

My Blue Creative Writing Brain is loving all the Yellow Details, Green Data, Blue Authentic Stories from copious health care contributors, and Orange Fun Health Care Professional and Personal Brain Color Quizzes and the A Health Care Clinic Connection Game in Chapter 12- Build Rapport with Others.

I am not looking forward to Chicago’s winter weather in January, but I am looking forward to the book’s release date in January!

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