Remembering! Where were you?

Tomorrow is the 18th anniversary of 9/11. A solemn time to remember the tragedy, the lives lost and devastated, and where we were on the morning of attacks on our country.

I vividly remember taking my usual morning walk in my neighborhood, when one of my neighbors ran down her drive way and told me to go home and turn on the TV.  I quickly ran home to watch and learn about the tragedies of the Twin Towers,  the Pentagon, and Flight 93.

That moment will forever be indelible on my mind and heart!

I also vividly remember where I was on Friday, November 22, 1963. I was walking through the Hollow next to Mirror Lake on the Ohio State University campus. Suddenly, other college students were running away from the dorms the through the Hollow screaming “President Kennedy has been shot!

Another moment that will forever be indelible on my mind and heart!

Those momentous tragedies remind us how fragile life is and how people can come together to comfort and help one another in the midst of devastation.

Think about and remember where you were on 9/11, and possibly on November 22, 1963, and how united and comforted our country was during those tragic, historic, and indelible moments!

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