Recognizing An Orange Brain Personalty Type

One of my “Brain Color” Mantras is: “If you listen to what people say they will tell you their “Brain Color”.

Lately, I’ve been able to capture several “Orange Brain” quotes and clues that I am excited (an “Orange Brain word) to share with you!

“I listen to everyone and then I do what I want!”

“Never in my life have I ever been Yellow!

“A 5 minute window is all I am, when I’m always late.”

“I am able to pick up the pieces when everything is falling a part.”

“I’m not into details.”

“If you worry about what might be, and wonder what might have been, you will ignore what I am saying.”

“You have to take advantage of those ‘Yellow Moments’, because they do not happen or come around very often.”

Sometimes, you can deciphers an individual’s “Brain Color” buy observing their fashion statement.

A few weeks ago was about to drive out of parking lot at Hawthorn Gardens nursery and gift store, when an bright orange SUV pulled in. My “Green Brain” curiosity kept me waiting to see the driver. I wasn’t disappointed. 

A women with auburn hair, wearing, an ORANGE hat, shirt, pants, shoes and carrying a huge ORANGE purse stepped out of her car. She got my attention, which is exactly what an “Orange Brainer” would desire, just like singer, Paloma Faith in the picture below.

Do you have a similar “Orange Brain” perspective
or know someone whodoes?

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