Reading and Relaxing on a Rainy Day

In her book, The Artist’s Way, Julia Cameron suggests that you take an Artist’s Day to rejuvenate your Creativity.

That is exactly what I did this morning! I was up early and enjoyed the dark stormy weather from my bed, as I finished reading my Hadassah Book Club selection for July.

Angry Housewives Eating Bon-Bons by Lorna Ludvig was a thought-provoking character study of a neighborhood  woman’s book club. Of course, I recognized each character’s Brain Color, enjoyed the book list of what the ladies read over 3 decades and was curiously engrossed in the evolution of their lives and their families.

I was extremely comfortable and too lazy to go downstairs to get my cup of tea. However, my “love“ly husband thoughtfully asked me which tea I would prefer, and brought me a steaming cup of Tea District Peach Blossom Green Tea in my favorite colorful Romero Britto mug.

What A Delightful “Blue Brain
Reading and Relaxing Rainy Day Experience!

Treat yourself to an “Artist Day”,
even if it is not a rainy day!

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