"Purr-fect Pals" Book Summary

Purr-fect Pals: A Kid, A Cat & Diabetes

purr-fect pals edited cover. p.mThis unique picture, activity, and resource book was written and designed to offer comfort, education, and encouragement to children and their families who are newly diagnosed or have been living with T1D (Type 1 Diabetes) and T2D (Type 2 Diabetes).

The story is told through the experiences of two main characters, a Kid and a Cat, who learn to live with every day, challenging “highs and lows” of their diabetes. The characters’ mirror images and the sequence of events teach children they are not alone. Readers realize that they can achieve their heart’s desire and overcome obstacles, turning them into life-long opportunities.

Recently, JDRF included Purr-fect Pals in nearly 7,000 Bags of Hope, which are given to children who are newly diagnosed with the T1D.

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10% of royalties from the sale of Sheila's books is allocated to The Raue Center For The Arts Mission Imagination, fine arts education program.

Andy Purr-fect Pals Picture.editedThrough the characters’ perspectives, readers learn detailed information about T1D and T2D and how they are diagnosed and managed through medication, education, diet, and exercise. The Kid and the Cat will assist children’s understanding about diabetes, help them accept their new lifestyle, enhance how they express their feelings and encourage nonjudgmental communication about their concerns. “Everybody needs a Purr-fect Pal!”

This book is illustrated in engaging black and white line drawings that offer children the opportunity to color the pictures and personalize the characters.

An interactive Readers’ and Listeners’ Guide accompanies the story and offers readers and listeners time to share and voice their feelings and perceptions about diabetes. The Guide’s question and answer format allows children and adults to dialog about the storyline for understanding and application in their lives.

Richard Seidel with PP #2Readers of all ages will also benefit from the Word Games, which offer time to have fun, reflect, and reinforce facts about diabetes.

The Kids’ Encouraging Messages from children and adults (from 10 – 90 years old) who live with challenges of diabetes and the Comfort Companion Stories, an anecdotal anthology for parents and caregivers, are designed to provide knowledge, reassurance, and humor.

This book will be a welcome and reassuring resource to help newly diagnosed children and their families, as well as children and their family who have been living diabetes, how to live with the challenges of  T1D and T2D.

Ellen2Visit Sheila’s Purr-fect Pals – Diabetes section on her website, which is a resource dedicated to making a “connection” with families dealing with the “highs” and “lows” of diabetes management. As the mother of a son with diabetes, Sheila committed to increasing community awareness and education about diabetes.

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