"Princess Shayna" and Diabetes

Princess Shayna and DiabetesMany of my experiences with diabetes served as the inspiration for Princess Shayna’s Invisible Visible Gift. The story’s heroine is a princess who has T1D  (Type 1 diabetes). Princess Shayna demonstrates that no one is perfect, not even a princess and you do not have to be perfect to be loved.

This message is significant because diabetes is worldwide epidemic, which affects millions of people who must deal with the daily and never-ending health challenges of such a dangerous disease.  However, the message is meaningful to any individual who faces any type of physical, mental or educational challenges in their life.

Reading Princess Shayna uses Bibliotherapy, which is the effective use of a story to teach life’s lessons and deal with problems through examples of characters to who the reader and/or listener can relate.

Children feel their problems are less threatening and learn how to handle difficulties when they realize that other children and adults encounter similar problems. Stories, especially fairy tales that speak to the heart and spirit of the child within all of us, are invaluable tools to help a child deal with life’s triumphs and tragedies.

What distinguishes a fairy tales from other stories is the fact that it speaks to the very heart and soul of the child within all of us. I believe, everyone can relate to this fairy tale. Princess Shayna’s story confirms that life can present difficulties, but with good self-esteem and a loving and supportive community environment we all can develop the courage to meet life’s obstacles and turn them into opportunities, just as Princess Shayna does.

Print the Silver Apricots chapter and enjoy reading more about Princess Shayna with your family.

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