Project Managers (PMI)

Manage gold medal Olympian teams and successful projects!

A What Color Is Your “Project Manager” Brain Color program will help to promote a better understand about why a physically and emotionally safe environment is essential for a Project Manager’s well-being; and  why the ability to successfully build authentic teamwork and trust in his or her job is critical.

During the program Project Managers will recognize and understand how each Brain Color approaches teamwork and how that information will increase their efficiency, successfully achieve their goals that include Transformation, Value, and Sustainability, and improve their professional relationships!

If project management team members clearly recognize and appreciate each Brain Colors personality’s attributes and abilities, they will have a better understanding about how to get the important jobs done successfully!

Immediate Benefits: 

  • Recognize and value your management perspective about Scope, Cost, Time, and Quality.
  • Understand your team members’ and your clients’ distinctive project point of view.
  • Respect other managers’ technical, leadership, and strategic and business management expertise.
  • Minimize frustration and maximize cooperation while monitoring and solving problems.
  • Keep your teams’ energy up and the stress down when mitigating risk issues.

” It was a ‘standing-room only’ crowd!”
“Your Brain Color tool is terrific for team-building.”
“I was impressed with the way you interacted with the audience.”
“You got everyone working together with you in a series of interactive concept exercises, not just listening.”
“One person after another would overhear that we were talking about your presentation and they join us.”
 Jerome Rowley, Director of Executive Council,PMI Chicagoland Chapter