Women’s Retreat

Turn Your “Brain Drain” Into a “Brainbow” of Colors

Womens-Retreat“There were three women, went down the road, as down the road went she. The woman they saw, the woman she was, and the woman she wanted to be.” Anonymous

Do do not drain your brain or your glass, fill them both with color and learn to recognize:

  1. How to celebrate your “Praiseworthy Gifts”
  2. Who and what drains your brain
  3. Which tools and techniques you can use to keep you “filled up”
  4. How to share your “color-filled” overflow with others
  5. Why you should value and validate your character traits and talents

Contact Sheila“Now, that I understand my own Brain Colors, I will remember to keep my glass overflowing when interacting with family members and friends, celebrating with other women and letting them know how special they are, creating change in my life and taking good care of my ‘Brainbow’ personality.”
 International Women’s Day Celebration attendee

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