Build a Communications Framework for Your Champion-Caliber Team

TeamworkIs dealing with team members’ quirky personality traits an exhausting problem? Does it seem like you can’t understand each other or get anything done without effort and stress? Sheila’s simple solution:  Learn how to recognize and appreciate each other’s Brain Colors, and you will be energized and enthusiastic to build your team of champions.

Immediate benefits:

  1. Understand why your perspective differs from the viewpoints of others
  2. Recognize the most ideal situation in which your Brain Colors will thrive
  3. Maintain your composure while solving tough problems
  4. Keep your positive attitude up and your stress down
  5. Minimize frustration and maximize cooperation

Contact Sheila“Our teachers haven’t stopped talking about Brain Colors and using it to self-reflect, improve communication, and understand and appreciate personality types. I can’t remember when our staff was more at ease and interactive with the presenter and each other.  They want her back for a longer staff and parent workshop.”
Lana Weiner, Executive Director, Gertrude B. Nielsen Child Care & Learning Center

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