You won’t be thinking… “What else could I be doing right now?”

TeachersYou will be glad you attended this Teacher In-Service program! You will have fun learning new and effective ways to create a collaborative community environment within your classroom and school. Improve the overall learning environment in your classroom and school through stronger teacher to pupil communications. “Knowing myself is as crucial to good teaching as knowing my students and my subject.”  Parker J. Palmer

Immediate Benefits:

  1. Determine your Brain Color “Teaching Style”
  2. Accommodate your co-workers and appreciate their perspectives
  3. Understand the way your students work best in different classroom settings
  4. Deal with issues that interfere and prevent you from working at your best
  5. Communicate patiently and effectively with students and parents

Contact Sheila“Faculty and staff are still referring to each other in their Brain Colors. They smile and nod appreciatively – much like a secret handshake…” I understand, appreciate, and respect where you are coming from.” Sheila’s presentation is remarkably fresh and grounded in the idea that complexity can result in powerful simplicity.”
Benjamin Hebebrand, Head of School, Quest Academy

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