Social Emotional Learning for Academic Success

1st – 8th grade students have fun discovering their Brain Colors and Praiseworthy Gifts

YOU WILL LOVE WATCHING this short energetic, educational, and entertaining video shown below taken during a Social Emotional Learning for Academic Success Brain Color – Princess Shayna  School Program hosted by Leigh Cassel at the Stephen Central Public School, in Crediton, Ontario, Canada via the Digial Human Library®.

1-Video-Picture-of-PS-and-Children-watching-edtiedThe Social Emotional Learning for Academic Success  Brain Color- Princess Shayna School Program dynamically combines the benefits of Sheila’s Students, Teachers, Parents, and Author Visit Programs into one presentation.

This engaging, and encouraging program…

  1. Is customized and designed for 1st – 8th grade students
  2. Student QuizzesCreatively introduces content, which is customized to be grade level appropriate
  3. Introduces students to the basic Brain Color and “Praiseworthy Gifts” concepts and a non-judgmental language
  4. Offers a variety of interactive activities and engaging educational content
  5. Gives classroom teachers the opportunity to read the Princess Shayna Picture Book. The fairy  tale and vibrant illustrations help the students easily become familiar with the four Brain Color Villages in the Kingdom of Kindness

10-Orange-students-showing-muscles-editedDuring each grade level presentation, students determine their Brain Colors and recognize their Praiseworthy Gifts with Pictorial Brain Color Personality cards. The students complete this activity without their teachers’ and/or parents’ perspective. It is critical for each student to recognize, understand and appreciate their own Brain Color Personality perspective, which often differs from what their teachers and parents think and tell the children about their attributes and abilities.

The Brain Color – Princess Shayna School Program is an interactive program, which is the perfect complement to school curriculum for teachers and students. If offers information and activities to promote:

  1. Bully prevention
  2. Acceptance and appreciation of differences
  3. Dealing with challenges by utilizing healthy decision making techniques and creative problem solving skills
  4. Social and Emotional Learning competencies to:
  • Enhance a student’s self-esteem
  • Develop a student’ self-management skills to achieve academic success
  • Foster a student’s social-awareness to create harmonious relationships in a variety of social settings
  • Demonstrate healthy decision making skills and responsible behavior at school, home, and in the community

PTO parents are welcome to be part of the program and assist the teachers, while helping the students complete their “Pictorial” Brain Color Personality card activity. This process also helps teachers and parents gain a better understanding of the students’ personalities, their own  Brain Color Teaching Style, Parenting Style and to easily learn to speak fluent Brain Color.

After the students determine their Brain Colors and decide which Village of the Kingdom of Kindness they live in, they can participate in a variety of Brain Color art projects and have fun watching the Princess Shayna Musical video.

Sheila will customize a Brain Color – Princess Shayna School Program for your school. For more information about this remarkable school program, click on the Green button below to speak with Sheila.

Contact Sheila“All our colors are flying. I can’t thank you enough for all your work on this project.  It is truly amazing. The students, teachers, parent loved it! It fit perfectly into our SELAS Week Activities. Thank you for all your hard work! So appreciated!”
Jeana Considine, Principal, Elm Elementary School

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