Resonating and Remarkable Results


This program is a powerfully supplement for your anti-bullying efforts in your school. Achieve “Resonating and Remarkable Results” with this effectual program that helps student learn what esteems them, how to build a cooperative classroom environment and  deal with and re-direct bully behavior. This team building program that utilizes my book, Princess Shayna’s Invisible Visible Gift, encourages student to accomplish goals they need to be successful and satisfied in life.

Immediate Benefits – Students will:

  1. Understand and appreciate their own and their classmates’ different Brain Colors
  2. Recognize and effectively deal with bully behavior
  3. Value their worthiness and capabilities
  4. Recognize  their individual Brain Color learning style
  5. Open-mindedly share and speak Brain Color with peers, family members and friends

Schools experiment with ‘brain color’ to help students identify how they learn

Contact Sheila“There are a lot of “aha” moments! It is amazing how fast the students start analyzing others around them and come to realizations about “why people act the way they do”. My students begin to recognize their strengths and perspectives, appreciate differences, and realize their own “Brainbow” combination.”
Laura Newcomer, Instructional Technology Specialist, Longfellow School, Community Consolidated School District 21

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