Close Deals – Not Doors!

SalesEveryone knows that sales is a people business, but how many salespeople really understand their customers? Sheila helps you decode the customer mind by determining each prospect’s Brain Color perspective. If you can approach the sale from the customer’s perspective, it is much easier to sell your ideas, products or services. Adapt your style to your customer’s Brain style and get consistent results with less effort.

Immediate Benefits:

  1. Leverage Brain Color strategies to increase sales
  2. Foster superior customer service
  3. Grow customer loyalty and satisfaction
  4. Digest and filter information that differs from your point of view.
  5. Improve your listening, communications and rapport building skills

Contact Sheila“I’m in sales…we’re always looking for a way to connect, to relate, to get into someone else’s head to understand how they’re thinking. Brain Colors really make sense, are a much easier and  more ‘positive’ way of identifying personality types, which don’t label anyone in an offensive  way.”
Jan Alderman Sales & Marketing Management, TravelVacations

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