Is Your Partner A Positive Attraction or Negative Reaction?

RomanceDon’t let the spark that ignited your positive attraction fizzle into a negative reaction! Recognize what attracted you to each other, why your partner’s idiosyncrasies may annoy you now, and how to accept your loved one for who they are and what they value.

Immediate Benefits – figure out:

  1. How to keep your “Soul Mate” from becoming a “Cell Mate.”
  2. Why your relationship is compatible or contradictory
  3. When your Brain Colors are contrasting and complimentary
  4. Which Brain Color traits delight or disappoint you
  5. How to use “No Brainer” conflict resolution techniques

Contact Sheila“I finally understand the wonderful man I married. I learned not to misunderstand my ‘Green Husband’ and how to concentrate my ‘Blue Brain’ on not too much talking and get focused on the issues and answers.”
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