Health Care Professionals

Boost your brain power and patience with your patients and coworkers

If your brain is feeling drained and you are impatient with your patients and coworkers, this Brain Color Program is the correct prescription for you! You will enjoy the quick and easy process to determine your Brain “Health Care Professional” Color personality, recognize your patients’, their advocates’, and your coworkers’ unique perspectives, discover your communication style, and learn how to take good care of yourself by making “Healthy Decisions.”

Immediate benefits:

  1. Decrease stress and increase the harmony in your workplace
  2. Create greater understanding of your patients “back story”
  3. Quickly build rapport with your patients and their advocates
  4. Communicate effectively and solve problems efficiently

Contact SheilaA great frame of reference to lean how to be a better team player, coworker, family member and friend.” 
“Really nice team building as a newer employee and member of he team”
“Be more aware of others’ “back story” and do not forget about me!”
Polytrauma/TBI (Traumatic Brain Injury) Team, Hines VA Hospital, Hines, Illinois

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