Are You Desperately Seeking Harmony at Home?

FamilyDo your relatives resemble the people on the “Most Wanted” listings at your local post office or the families on the Disney World Dream Vacation Brochure? Are your in-laws “One Life to Live” soap opera stars or members of The Joint Chiefs of Staff?

Immediate Benefits – Learn to:

  1. Share your Brain Colors with those you want to relate to and are related to
  2. Determine how individuals can change their Brain Color
  3. Resolve conflicts quickly with family members and friends
  4. Realize how everyone can celebrate Hassle-free holidays together
  5. Improve your relationships and remain a “Dearest Friend” not a “Dreadful Fiend”

Contact Sheila“Learning about the different Brain Colors gave me insight into dealing with my different family members in a more effective way. By appreciating our different outlooks and motivations and where they are coming from, I don’t waste time and energy trying to get them to ‘see it my way.’”
Deb S. Parenting program attendee

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