What Color Is Your Brain?® Consultations
Supercharged Impact and Sustainable Results!

Sheila offers What Color Is  Your Brain Color?® Consulting to help people increase the satisfaction in their professional and personal lives. As your Brain Color Consultant, Sheila will help you and/or your team appreciate and leverage each other’s strengths in order to reach your goals.

Get immediate Brain Color impact in your company or organization to:

  • Energize your staff to reach their goals
  • Create effective teams and enhance teamwork
  • Embrace change
  • Spark innovation on a regular basis
  • Boost motivation
  • Enhance job satisfaction
  • Resolve bottlenecks and increase productivity

Sheila will achieve that, and more, with her sessions for your senior-level leaders and managers. The following are a sampling of consulting options for your organization:

  1. Customized Programs, Assessments, Evaluations and New-Hire Interview Questionnaires
  2. Group or individual instruction to fluently speak “Brain Color as a Second Language”
  3. People Analysis to identify solutions for specific opportunities and obstacles
  4. Suggestions for specific team assignments based on individuals’ Brain Colors
  5. One-on-one sessions and “training the trainer” with designated staff members

Contact Sheila“My staff currently uses a WCYB assessment with all new hires and it has proved to be a valuable tool in assessing the general behavioral characteristics of potential employees. We have also incorporated a series of WCIYB questions, which we use for jury selection. Selecting jurors is not science however understanding potential jurors’ attitudes and approaches to problem solving are significant factors regardless of the type case involved. With clients, I use WCIYB to gain greater understanding of what motivates a client to seek a particular goal.”
John P. Bracken, Partner, Bracken Margolin Besunder, LLP

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