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Princess Shayna Goes to School

Author-School-VisitsYour students will laugh and learn about how Princess Shayna’s Vision Quest relates to their lives when Sheila visits your school and classrooms.  Through Princess Shayna’s absorbing story, students learn about people’s different Brain Colors. They see how all the colors are powerful, beautiful and necessary.


Sheila will explain how she:

  1. Developed the characters from her personal life
  2. Employed metaphors and symbols within the fairy tale
  3. Created the four Kingdom of Kindness four villages to correspond with the Brain Colors
  4. Used the Disney Storyboarding and Mind Mapping methods to write her books
  5. Uses a non-judgmental “Language of Color” to help students explain their feelings  and thoughts

19aMax-holding-little-Green-Brain-Color-note-book-150x150“I want you to know how much of an author you mean to me.
You are an author who brightened my path, who let me think,
who made me be strong, and who let me be the way I am. Thank you!”
M.F. (a Green Brainer)

Contact Sheila“This book is one of the greatest tools for educators and their students. Princess Shayna’s Invisible Visible Gift and the Gift Giver’s Guide promotes acceptance of differences with peers. Students learned about the villages and how they represent different types of people. Through discussions and group projects, they were able to determine their Brain Colors and to tap into different Brain Color qualities when needed.”
Susan E. Cook, 3rd grade  teacher, Verne W Critz Elementary School

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