Princess Shayna’s Invisible Visible Gift


My first book, Princess Shayna’s Invisible Visible Gift, is a family fairy tale about a princess and her “Vision Quest.” Her mission to teach the four different Brain Color villagers to understand and respect themselves and others—must be successfully completed to prove that someday she can become Queen.
The story is written for children of all ages to help them recognize their attributes and abilities and appreciate their “Praiseworthy Gifts.”

Actually, the book is the children’s version of What Color Is Your Brain . Throughout the chapters and unique Gift Givers Guide, children and adults acquire new communication tools and skills. This multi-cultural story creates a bridge between the home, classroom and community for learning creative problem-solving techniques and sharing ideas about building self-esteem.

What distinguishes a fairy tale from other stories, is the fact that it speaks to the very heart and soul of the child within all of us. I believe that everyone can relate to this fairy tale. Princess Shayna’s story confirms that life can present difficulties, but with good self-esteem and a loving and supportive community environment we all can develop the courage to meet life’s obstacles and turn them into opportunities, just as  Princess Shayna does.

The story also acknowledges a significant fact, that no one is perfect, not even the princess, who has diabetes. That message is important not only to people who have diabetes,   but to others who face different challenges in their lives.

Princess Shayna must complete her journey and return to the castle by the second day of the second month of the New Year. As she sets out to share her Praiseworthy Gifts with the four villages in the Kingdom of Kindness, the princess becomes lost in Meevillain’s dreaded Forest of Fear. Under her dark Cloud of Chaos, Meevillain presents the princess with many difficult challenges.

With her trusted forest friends encouraging her along the way, Princess Shayna overcomes many obstacles and is able to continue her journey to the Villages of the Yellow Sunflowers, Blue Forget-Me-Nots, Orange Tiger Lilies and Green Healing Herbs. Does Princess Shayna complete her Vision Quest in time? Well, as they say, you’ll have to get the book to find out!

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Princess Shayna’s Invisible Visible Gift (1997) is currently out of print.
However, you can purchase “lovingly read” copies at

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