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Princess Shayna’s Invisible Visible Gift the Musical Blog Posts

The development of  the premier performance of the Princess Shayna Musical has been a thrilling dream come true. I have looked forward to and have enjoyed blogging about Director Kim Kass Woycke's weekly  journal records. I love writing about the cast members' rehearsals, and the progress and creative process of the play. The following  blog posts have offer the cast member, their parents, my readers, friend and family member a peek into this incredible experience! This living progress report has become a permanent record of the cast member’s and Kim’s accomplishments and their Praiseworthy Gifts!

“Rimsiyavyo!” Exclaimed Sigmund the Royal Wizard. “Be sure to read all the Princess Musical Bog Posts.”

Princess Shayna Musical Blog Posts1. Princess Shayna – A New & Original Children’s Musical

2. Diabetes, An Actress & A Royal Wizard – Princess Shayna Musical

3. Auditions, Rehearsal, Casting & Music – Princess Shayna Musical

4. Students Create Their Own Kingdom of Kindness – Princess Shayna Musical

5. Students Plan, Compose & Connect Emotions to Music & Lyrics – Princess Shayna Musical

6. Building A Strong Collaborative Community – Princess Shayna Musical

7. Young Song Writers Compose Original Music & Lyrics – Princess Shayna Musical

8. Characters’ Back-Story & Staging Scenes – Princess Shayna Musical

9. Singing Visit to the Brain Color Villages – Princess Shayna Musical

10. Actors Create Village Scenes, Songs, Choreography and Walls – Princess Shayna Musical 

11. Kvelling & Bursting with Joy - Princess Shayna Musical

12. Tongue Twisters, Memorizing Lines & Interpreting Dialogue - Princess Shayna Musical

13. Polishing the Play, Cast Tee Shirts & A White Falcon - Princess Shayna Musical

14. Princess Shayna Is A Center Fold - Princess Shayna Musical

15. Author's Joyful Exhaustion After Princess Shayna Musical

16. Princess Shayna Musical Performance Blissful Perfection

17. Princess Shayna Musical Premier Performance - Princess Shayna Musical

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