Princess Shayna Returns To Broadway In 10 Days!

Don’t miss this Original, Entertaining, and Educational Musical Performance for students of all ages!

On Thursday, April 3rd and Friday, April 4th
Princess Shayna will return to the Broadway Theatre of Pitman, in Pitman, New Jersey.

This original theater production is an adaptation of my children’s book, Princess Shayna’s Invisible Visible Gift. 

Shayna can’t find a place to fit in at her school. The Drama Club, Math Club, Student Council, and Cheerleading Squad all turn her away. Her principal recommends a book that might help. Watch as Shayna becomes the princess in the story. As the princess, she must complete her Vision Quest and bring  harmony, respect, acceptance, and cooperation to the villages of the Kingdom of Kindness, which has been divided by mistrust and misunderstanding.

On her journey the Princess Shayna encounters three vicious villains who try to thwart her plans. Shayna must face her fears and the challenges with Type 1 Diabetes. Shayna recognizes the “villains” as the bullies she’s experienced at school. By relating the book to her own life, Shayna understands that everyone has their own “gifts”, which helps her feel more comfortable accepting and appreciating other‘s strengths and differences.

Join the fun at this engaging performance that encourages children to get along with one another and deal with bully behavior.

Tell the teachers and schools in your community if you live in the Philadelphia or South New Jersey area!

Group Tickets only $6!  Reserve today!
Call Jen at 609-647-3137 or email

PS & WF #2 edited book trailerBoost your Brain Power with links in the right-hand side column of this page! Remember that 10% of the royalties from the sale of my books is allocated to JDRF (Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation).


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