Princess Shayna – My Fairy Tale Celebration

Princess Shayna's Invisible Visible Gift

Sitting on the white bench from the story with my "Orange Brain" is bursting with excitement and my "Blue Heart" is bursting with Joy!

Grand News…yesterday morning, Princess Shayna arrived!!

I heard the UPS truck and immediately ran to my front door to welcome her!

I held the package as Jordan carefully cut the top of the padded envelope open.

I gently removed her. It was a “lo and behold” moment!

Jordan and I shared celebratory hugs, kisses, a “Mazel Tov” and my tears of happiness!

There she was, again!  14 years after the first publication!

However, she look brighter and crisper on her new white cover. The Len Birnbaum’s original color and black and white illustrations really pop off the pages.

I immediately called my publisher, John Bond, Senior Vice President of Books and Journals at SLACK, Inc. to thank him. Then I called my project editor, Jennifer Cahill and the managing editor, April Billick.

Phone calls and emails to family and friends followed!

Princess Shayna Celebration

Sue Dobbe, Sheila Glazov and Judy "Fergy" Fergeson

Later in the the afternoon, I celebrated with my girlfriends! Sue Dobbe on the left and Judy “Fergy” Furgeson on the right. I have been blessed with Sue’s and Fergy’s friendship, talents, quotes and encouragement over the past 15. In fact, Sue read Princess Shayna to her her children before Len Birbaum has created his remarkable illustrations. We had fun eating sugar cookies with mini “Brain Color” M & M decorations and toasting with the Glazov Family traditional celebration drink of choice…Martinelli’s sparkling apple cider.

I will be posting more news about when you will be able to purchase your own copy of  Princess Shayna’s Invisible Visible Gift!

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