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It’s hard to believe that I am writing the last Princess Shayna Musical blog post about the premier performance on Sunday, May 20th. I needed the past week and long holiday weekend to rest and coax my body and my Blue Brain to slide off my “Cloud of Blissfulness”!

I have copious mixed feelings of joy and sadness about this 15th and last  journal entry/blog post from the multi-talented, skillful and encouraging director, Kim Woycke about the premier performance!

Below is Kim’s journal post about the final dress rehearsal, technical rehearsal and the amazing premier performance.

“Wow!  I can’t believe it’s over.  After so many weeks of writing, creating, rehearsing and exploring we have completed our Princess Shayna Musical.

This week was such a wonderful experience for all of us.  We had our final dress rehearsal at Trilogy on Friday, and then we were able to move into the theater for the performance on Sunday.  On top of our busy show, the younger kids at Trilogy performed the Aristocats on Saturday, and we had several generous actors who volunteered to assist with the stage crew.  Whew!  It was a whirlwind of fun.

I have to say that the energy this entire weekend was electric.  Our dress rehearsal on Friday went amazingly well.  I was so incredibly proud of how hard the cast had worked over the week to ensure that their lines were memorized.  They had obviously spent many hours practicing.  We worked with our scenery, costumes and props and really saw the entire performance come to life.  It was stunning.

Sunday was a really exciting day!  We had our one-and-only tech rehearsal (for non theater-people, a tech rehearsal is a rehearsal in the performance space where lighting, sound and scenery elements are added and refined).  Tech rehearsals are always difficult, and we had an extremely limited amount of time, but I have to say that everything went off without a hitch.

Huge thanks to Sidney, our wonderful Assistant Director, for summoning 3 addition high school students who volunteered their time as our stage crew.  All three students were extremely reliable, hard working and just a joy to be with.  The tech rehearsal and the performance went beautifully because of their hard work and dedication.

After our tech rehearsal, it was show time.  I am so incredibly proud of this cast.  Everyone worked extremely hard together to create something so unique.  We wrote an hour-long musical, complete with 8 songs!  That is a huge undertaking, but the cast soared to the challenge.  We had a full audience of parents, friends and family that came to support us, and it was exciting to watch their smiling faces and hear their applause.

This performance was so different than anything I have done in the past.  It was significantly more work – but that work was amplified x100 in reward.  The cast members showed so much pride, and complete joy in their creation.  Everyone worked together as an ensemble in a way that was more positive and supportive than I have ever experienced.  I know that I will have fond memories of this production for years to come.


The best way to close this final blog post series is to include  “A Note from the Author” from the Princess Shayna Musical program.

“I would like to express my gratitude to Anna Berman, owner of Trilogy School of Performing Arts, for offering Director Kim Kass Woycke, the cast members, and me this exciting opportunity to premier Princess Shayna’s Invisible Visible Gift as a musical.

I am most grateful to Kim Kass Woycke, director extraordinaire, for “workshoping” my family fairy tale with skill, creativity, respect, care and enthusiasm.

My appreciation to each cast member is “more than tongue can tell”. They have embraced and embodied the essence of book and created their own Kingdom of Kindness within their relationships and rehearsals.

It has been pleasure and a privilege to watch the cast and Kim develop my family fairy tale into a remarkable musical performance, including extraordinary original songs and music. I am in awe of everyone’s “Praiseworthy Gifts”, talent and collaboration. The beautiful, joyful, and respectful interpretation of my book has made a dream for Princess Shayna a reality!

With Gratitude and Love  from the bottom of my Blue Heart, Sheila”

I trust that my friend, John DeBerry’s wish for me will become a reality…
“May the performance be the first of many!”

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