Princess Shayna Musical Performance Blissfull Perfection

Last Sunday was finally Showtime! The performance was blissfully perfect. Now, I am finally floating down from my Princess Shayna Musical Cloud of Euphoria!

At 3:00 on Sunday afternoon, I enjoyed watching Kim and the cast members run through their technical rehearsal. It was the actors’ first time on the performance stage and they did an excellent job completing the entire performance on time.

The doors opened at 5:00 and an eager crowd of the cast members’, Kim’s and my family members and friends poured into the cafetorium. I had put “Reserved for Princess Shayna’s Family” signs on the first row of the 2nd tier of the room. It was a little confusing for the grandmother of the actress playing Princess Shayna because she thought the row was for her. However, there were seats saved for their family.

My videographer, Joe Del Prato of owner of A Light on a Hill Productions and his son, Dustin who handled the super-duper microphone, arrived at the venue even before I did. Their arrival and professional setup was refreshing and comforting. Joe is a man of his word, he is prompt and reliable! I am looking forward to seeing the video!

It was exciting to greet my family and friends before the performance. It also was was thrilling to see my friends who surprised me after the performance, because I could not see them from where I was sitting! I also had the pleasure of meeting Director, Kim Kass Woycke’s family and friend. It was my pleasure to tell them how much I admire Kim and what a privilege it was to work with her.

Because the talented actress who portrayed Sigi the Royal Wizard has had Type 1 diabetes, I asked her mother if we could organize a raffle to raise money for the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation (JDRF). Sigi’s mother and aunt put together a beautiful basket of gifts and gift certificates that was raffled off after the performance. The raffle raised $200.00. Yesterday, I received an email from Sigi’s mother that said her sister had made the donation and when her employer, Chase Bank, found out about our raffle, they donated $150 as well, so all together they raised $350!!

My childhood friend, Diane Wollney, sent me an email on Monday that said, “My granddaughter and I had a delightful afternoon watching the play. The boys and girls did such a wonderful job of creating the musical, learning all their lines and performing with enthusiasm. The lessons of Princess Shayna’s journey are life lessons they are lucky to be expressing in such a creative way now and carrying with them forever.” 

After the performance…

King Alexander told me, “I am so sad that this is over, I had so much fun!”  I told him I also was sad to because I had so much fun, but I was so proud of his and everyone else’s performance!

Macdolodge the Royal Tutor said, “I liked the story a lot because it’s different from other stories with the same princess in a tower.”

Sarah Spundah the Silver Spider said, “I thought it was really cool that we could make (the musical) ourselves, and pick the qualities of our characters along the way.”

Each week during rehearsals I watch the cast members transform and grow into their roles.  I was so exceedingly proud of each cast members and their performance on Sunday. When I wrote Princess Shayna’s Invisible Visible Gift I was not thinking about my fairy tale being produced as a musical. The cast members had to memorize long paragraphs and clearly enunciate tongue twister lines I had written. They did both with pride and professionalism! They expressed their lines so well that the audience forgot that that were middle school students.

It really is difficult to express my feelings about the Princess Shayna Musical and how much it meant to me and my family on so many levels personally and professionally. To see my beloved family members come to life on stage was a “Precious Gift” I will cherish forever.

I think my comments on the back of the program will express my feeling of gratitude and blissfulness!

“I would like to express my gratitude to Anna Berman, owner of Trilogy School of Performing Arts, for offering Director Kim Kass Woycke, the cast members, and me this exciting opportunity to premier Princess Shayna’s Invisible Visible Gift as a musical.

I am most grateful to Kim Kass Woycke, director extraordinaire, for “workshoping” my family fairy tale with skill, creativity, respect, care and enthusiasm.

My appreciation to each cast member is “more than tongue can tell”. They have embraced and embodied the essence of book and created their own Kingdom of Kindness within their relationships and rehearsals.

It has been pleasure and privilege to watch the cast and Kim develop my family fairy tale into a remarkable musical performance, including extraordinary original songs and music. I am in awe of everyone’s “Praiseworthy Gifts”, talent and collaboration. The beautiful, joyful, and respectful interpretation of my book has made a dream for Princess Shayna a reality!

With Love and Gratitude from the bottom of my Blue Heart, Sheila”

Bravissimo to the cast members and director!!

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