Preparation Tips For Writing A Book!

Prepare For Writing

My Organized Yellow Brain began by cleaning up my work space and claring out old files in my office. My Yellow Brain Personality finds it too difficult to write in a cluttered environment.

My Blue Creative Brain created a story board of What Color Is Your Brain?® progam workbooks, handouts, and articles on my dining room table. I needed to see all the material I had developed over the past 25+ years.

My Green Logical Brain developed a method to sort, shred, and keep information I will need for my new book.

My Orange Resourceful Brain placed the all the organzied files back in one drawer in my office, which is designated for my new book and where I can easily access the information I need for my chapters.

Now, Write The Book

  1. Set specfic times to write without interruptions!
  2. Most  importantly… Put your butt, not your mutt,  in the chair.







Closing Thoughts

If you have prepared properly, writing a book will be a delightful, not drudgery!


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