Praise for Princess Shayna

Praise for Princess Shayna’s Invisible Visible Gift from Parents, Teachers, Children and Caring Professionals

“A copy of this book needs to be in the hands of every parent, educator, legislator, and religious leader in this country. Princess Shayna demonstrates the power that one person has to effect the change in our world. One Person Can Make A Difference!
Caroline J. Gatten, ACSW & LCSW


“At first, my sons were apprehensive about a princess book. To their amazement, they got into it.  At the end of each chapter, they eagerly participated and were asked about their thoughts, likes, and ideas; that opened up a communication and prompted interaction.
Doug Gustafson, CPA, father of 3 sons, ages 7, 4 and 1

“Having read Princess Shayna to my children once, I would try to shorten up subsequent readings of the chapters by leaving out bits to get them to bed on time. However, my children would call me on it and say, “Mom, you left a part out, you will have to go back!”
Sue Dobbe, President, Dobbe Marketing, mother of a daughter, age 8, and a son, age 5

“As a grandmother and great grandmother, I treasure Princess Shayna and have given the book as a gift. The message of the book has so much meaning for children with diabetes and our family, who still use colors to describe people with our secret Brain Color passwords.”
Caryn Lazar Amster, author, The Pied Piper of South Shore

“The message Princess Shayna provides a formula for helping parents to instill confidence in their children. This book shows how important it is to let our children know how special and wonderful they and to be the best and the most they can be. The book is a treasure forever!”
Mariana Brea-Kruger, Hannover, Germany

“I started reading to my children 10, 11½ and 16. The day my 16-year-old could not be there for the reading, she asked me to please wait until she was there to continue reading. I was delighted that I had found something that held my teen-ager’s attention.”
Rica Duffus Cuff, Founder of Etiquette Works


“Princess Shayna’s Invisible Visible Gift and the Kingdom of Kindness Program give teachers greater insight into themselves, their teaching styles, environment, and objectives. The book and program:

1. Are a powerfully effectual bridge for learning.

2. Perfectly reflect the Cooperative Learning philosophy.

3. Exemplify team building and understanding of others.

4. Positively increase learning, social, and communication processes because students speak in a new Brain Color language that is understood by all and improves the entire class environment.

5. Are the vehicles to arrive at the outcomes one needs to be successful in life.”

Michelle Bracken, BS, MA, Educational Director for Princess Shayna’s Invisible Visible Gift and the Kingdom of Kindness Program

“There are a lot of ‘aha’ moments as students determine the Brain Colors of their family members , friends, and themselves and begin a new understanding of other people’s individual motivations. Following Princess Shayna’s journey and studying their own thinking/leaning style, for my students, helps to promote a positive self-image and strengthens their self-esteem.”
Laura Newcomer, Instructional Technology Specialist, Longfellow Elementary School, Wheeling School District 21

  “I had no idea I could have such quality discussions about self-esteem, confidence, respect and individuality with my students. The book is truly a special gift to any classroom.”
Christi Rechtsteiner, 5th grade Teacher

“The children loved the book. They cheered each time I brought it out. I was impressed with how many new vocabulary words they were able to figure out, simply by context clues…every chapter’s end was a cliff-hanger that kept their interest.”
Aimee Lewis, 4th grade Teacher

“The children feel really good about themselves and the real-life skills they learn. They speak from their hearts and their faces light up.”
Frances Cornacchiulo, Reading Specialist and Enrichment Advisor


“Read it again, Mommy. Read it again!
Carolyn, age 8, and Craig, age 5

“I should accept people for who they are, even if they are different from me. I have precious praiseworthy gifts of my own and I have to use them wisely and share them with my friends.”
Katrina, age 11

“I liked the whole story and how you have to go through tough times…Once you start reading you can’t stop because it’s so good!”
Mausam, age 10

“I learned things while I was having fun reading.
Jeffrey, age 7

“Princess Shayna taught us about self-esteem: 1) You should be a rainbow, 2) Try to be yellow- responsible in school, 3) Everybody has their own talents, 4) Accept people for who they are, and 5) People can have different ideas.”
Lindsay, age 12

“This book helped me get along with some of my friends that I didn’t get along with well. It helps to know how to act around them.”
Virheye, age 10

 Professionals who care about children

An invaluable tool in my family therapy ‘practicekit’ for years.  Explanations of the differences between people have provided a playful and meaningful way for individuals to understand themselves and others. Princess Shayna’s experiences offer a map for parents, children, schools and workplaces to build character, self-esteem and compassion for others.”
Ellen A. Sherman, Ph.D., Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

“A fairy tale that speaks in many layers. A story for any family facing a challenging situation, and through love, understanding, respect and some sacrifice there is a successful outcome.”
Libby Gant-Davis, RD, CDE, Registered Dietitian and Certified Diabetes Educator

“Princess Shayna is successful on her Vision Quest because she has support and encouragement. We all need to be loved and encouraged. Recognizing and appreciating differences and how to use those gifts to build a better world, is the blessing of Tikkun Olam, the Hebrew phrase: to repairing the world.”
Cantor, Alan Smolen (of blessed memory)

“It was incredible! A student went from not speaking, to opening up the lines of communication without being afraid of being punished his feelings, deal with issues, identify problems, and not shut down. Children have a vocabulary to communicate what is bothering them and deal their problems appropriately!”
Michael Miles, LCSW, Frank P. Long Elementary School

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