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I  am delighted that I will be a guest on the Patricia Raskin Positive Living radio program again!

TUNE IN TOMORROW: Saturday January 14th,  to the Patricia Raskin Positive Living at  3:00-3:30PM ET on 630WPRO AM & 99.7 FM.

Listeners can call in to the show at (401) 438-W-P-R-O (401-438-9776) or toll free at 1 (800) 321-W-P-R-O (1-800-321-9776) and listen live on www.630wpro.com.

Patricia and I will be discussing how the What Color Is Your Brain? approach help people understand why their perspectives differ from the viewpoints of others,  and my compelling color-filled  methodology helps people unlock the value in themselves and others, open doors to resolve conflicts quickly, communicate effectively and create more harmony in every facet of their life.

Patricia has encourage me to let listeners know they can call in to her show, while I am on the air to ask Brain Color questions.

The call in phone # is: (401) 438-9776 or (800) 321-9776 .

People can also log on to her Facebook Page at Patricia Raskin Positive Radio and post a question

As Charles Osgood says, “I’ll see you on the radio!”

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