Poems of Reflection and Discovery for Women and Men

This morning, I was eager to attend my Women in Networking (WIN) meeting. I had missed three meetings because of my business traveling. I always look forward to our gatherings because WIN is an educational, supportive and caring sisterhood. It also was my turn to give a 10 minute presentation.

I decided to share one of my favorite poems, which is gift from Jewel E. Manzay. Jewel is the
National Sales Manager Midwest Territory for Rittenhouse Books, the book distributor for What Color Is Your Brain?.

The anonymous poem is entitled Three Men. I include it in all my workshops to encourage participants to reflect upon and discovery their own “Brain Color” journey. Below is the poem and the accompanying photo I use on my PowerPoint slide. 

Three Men
And there were three men, went down the road
As down the road went he.
The man they saw.
The man he was,
And the man he wanted to be.

However, because we are “Women in Networking” I took a little literary license and feminized the poem.

Three Women
There were three Women, went down the road.

As down the road went she.

The Woman they saw.

The Woman she was.

And the Woman she wanted to be. 

I also create hand-out with a Venn Diagram for the women to complete by writing in each corresponding circle about themselves and the personal road they walk. 1. How they think others see them. 3. How they see themselves. 4. How they see their future.

I hope you will enjoyed both poems;
think about the personal road you walk;
answer the three questions;
and how they relate to your own journey of
Reflection and Discovery!

Sheila N. Glazov , Author, Personality Type Expert, Professional Speaker and Educator
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