Playing Hooky With My Husband

Have you ever had a day when everything thing seemed to be upside down and backwards. Today, was “Wacky Wednesday” for me. Instead of making myself crazy attempting to continue on my Yellow Brain Schedule, my  Orange Brain  “Played Hooky” with my husband!

I told Jordan I had to return our books to the library and he said, “I’ll go with you!” Our home offices offer us many perks. One is the opportunity to Blue and Flexible.

So off we went with our Yellow To Do List on a lovely summer day. On the way to the library we added stops at the jewelry store, post office, and grocery store. When we arrived at the library, we enjoyed perusing the new book shelves. We finally selected our books and made our final stop… the Nut and Candy House. Jordan selected his favorite licorice candy treats and I selected my freshly ground nut butters.

On the way home, we commented to one another how refreshed we felt having an afternoon date of playing hooky together!

When was the last time you had fun and played hooky? What did you do?

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