Playing A QuickBooks Money Game

I just finished played a game of QuickBooks? Never heard of it?
No, it’s not a new “app” on an Iphone or a family board game.

It’s my “Creative Blue Brain” having a little “Orange Brain Fun” at something I always avoided… catching up on my accounting! Yikes.. how boring and dull. But not any more!

One of my 2010 goals… to be more logical and use my “Green Brain” attributes.

A huge assignment and commitment for me. However, I will be 65 this year and have consistently made dramatic changes throughout my life in 5 year cycle, so I think I’m on right on schedule.

I had encouragement for this new mindset. Of course, it is a book.

I purchased Great With Money: The Woman’s Guide to Prosperity
from author and fellow professional speaker Ellen Rogin. This is my second
time reading Ellen’s book. The first time I just wasn’t ready and resisted making
the transition. Now, I am feeling more organized and confident about my
money attitude and abilities!

Ellen and her writing partner, Melissa Burke, offer well researched, practical, fun, easy, sensible and creative methods to modify one’s money behavior. My book is filled with underlined sentences, circled words, turned down pages corners and notes on the back page that I know I will refer to often.

Previously, I had been reticent to read a book of that genre. However, every day I am eager to read and practice Ellen’s and Melissa’s advice about being “Great With Money.”

Now, I am feeling proud of my accomplishments and ready play another Quickbook game. I’m going to tally the generous donations to JDRF from my book sales. This extra money comes from thoughtful individuals who have purchased What Color Is Your Brain? and say “Keep the change.” from a $20.00 bill or others who write a check for $20.00, either way I appreciate their extra $2.00 donatation to JDRF, in addition to my donation from my royalties.

What about you? Did you or do you have any issues, as I did,
about “Being Great With Money?”

Sheila N. Glazov, Author, Personality Type Expert, Professional Speaker and Educator
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10% of the royalties from the sale of my book is allocated to JDRF (Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation) 

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