Play for Peace or Peace At Any Price

Whenever we read a newspaper, watch TV, or log on to a computer we are bombarded with  horrific, violent, and distressing stories from around the world and in our own communities. My Blue Brain is deeply disturbed by these stories.

A few weeks ago I was speaking with John Guarrine, a Blue Brain long-time colleague, about peace. We were discussing Play for Peace, which is an world-wide organization John works with and has supported been for many years. The local chapter of Play for Peace is hosting a family fun event on September 21st, which is recognized as the United Nations International Day of Peace. Family, neighbors and friends are invited to celebrate with us and support world peace. Check the Play for Peace Website to see if there is a celebration, activities,  and/or group in your area.

The local Play for Peace and the world events got me thinking about the different Brain Color Personalities and how they respond to creating.

Yellow Brainers want to tell other people how they should make peace. They think they know what is best and “right” for all the parties involved.

Blue Brainers will make peace at any price. However then they usually pay a huge price emotionally, physically, financially and/or politically.

Green Brainers do not want to get involved in the peace process; they are isolationists. However, they can develop excellent strategies for creating peace.

Orange Brainers are willing to jump right into problem to make peace. They want to rescue whomever is in trouble without thinking about the circumstances or consequences.

Think about what you are doing to make peace in your life at home, in the workplace, and in your community!

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