Parenting at Christmas

“Tis the Season to be Jolly,” but for some parents
and children “Tis the Season filled with Folly.”

The following “Parenting Brain Color Tips will help to make your
Christmas celebrations less stressful and more fun!
“Yellow Brain Parents” are dependable organizers who need orderliness and
have traditional views about family members’ behavior during celebrations.
They give their children practical gifts such as, sweaters, robes or history books
and expect them to follow “my rules” at holiday get-togethers.



Blue Brain Parents are devoted nurturers who need time with loved ones
and want harmonious holiday gatherings, where adults and children feels included.
They give their children thoughtful gifts such as, the pets, musical instruments
or inspirational books, the children asked for, and enjoy spending time with their children.


“Green Brain Parents” are objective problem-solvers who require “alone time”
during the holiday season. They give their children sensible gifts such as,
electronic devices or toys, puzzles or mystery books, and they expect their
children to play by themselves, while they have some peace and quiet.

“Orange Brain Parents” are enthusiastic dynamos who love attending any
type of a holiday party, where they and/or their children are the “life of the party.”
They give their children fun gifts such as, sports equipment, tickets to sporting
events or adventure books, and they offer their children a variety of activities
and enjoy playing with them.

My Best Wishes to you and your children for a very…


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